Showing off Lorie's chair massage at various Minneapolis locations

Thankful Body Massage

Chair Massage rate is $100 / hour plus tax
Chair Massage can be scheduled for any time: Weekdays, Evenings, or Weekends
Contact: 612 - 655 - 1943
Take care of
the body that
is taking care
of you. Your
body will
thank you.
  • Chair Massage is offered in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all Twin Cities suburbs.
  • Length of individual massages is usually 10, 15, or 20 minutes. The number of total hours is customizable.
  • Chair Massage is perfectly suited for the neck, shoulders, and back. Arms and hands can be massaged as well. Lotion is not used.
  • Companies or hosts do not need to provide any supplies. I bring the massage chair, face cradle covers, chair cleaner, clock, and music.
  • Companies or hosts are in charge of creating a sign-up list, or other method of organization.
  • Thankful Body Massage provides multiple
    therapists when needed.
Closeup of corporate chair massage on traps in Minneapolis Closeup of office chair massage on shoulders in the Twin Cities