Showing off Lorie's chair massage at various Minneapolis locations

Thankful Body Massage

Lorie on her mobile massage chair after a Twin Cities chair massage event

Chair Massage –
the perfect way
to a better day.

Thankful Body Massage specializes in chair massage. Chair massage is done in offices and at events. It is beautifully simple in that it takes minimal space, is done fully clothed, and can bring the benefits of massage to dozens of people in a short time. Check out the tab Chair Massage to see more details.

I am Lorie Hurst, owner and therapist, and I put my passion behind a desire to bring massage to the residents and workers of the Twin Cities. Chair massage allows the therapeutic and rejuvenating aspects of massage to come to you: your workplaces, your events, your special occasions. It adds pampering to your offices and occasions that everybody will enjoy, appreciate, and remember. Soak up the goodness by making chair massage part of your day.
Chair massage elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.